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ERISA - Los Angeles and Ventura County Attorney

Retirement, Health Care, or Other Benefits May be legally owed to you


ERISA is a comprehensive Federal systems of laws and regulations which insures that promised benefits are provided to employees, union members and others.

Virtually every employer or collectively-bargained plan that provides retirement, health or other benefits to participants is covered, other than those adopted by governmental entities.

Write a letter to your plan administrator. ERISA imposes potentially-severe penalties on plan administrators who do not respond to a written request for information regarding benefits.

ERISA provides the beneficiary with the right to sue in Federal or State courts to recover denied or withheld benefits. Federal court is often preferable because of the faster manner in which its calendars are generally managed.

The Court can, and usually does, award attorneys fees and cost to a beneficiary who successfully sues to recover benefits. Even an unsuccessful claimant can obtain recovery of his expenses, if the Court determines that to be in the interests of justice.

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