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Woodlands Hills, California Attorney Retirement & Estate Planning Counsel

Experience, diplomacy, planning skills, and personal attention are hallmarks of Mark H. Boykin’s law practice. For more than 30 years, Mark has helped California clients with probate, wills, trusts, succession planning, retirement, and estate planning and administration.


Practicing for over three decades has given Mark Boykin:

  • A strong foundation in the law
  • Deep knowledge of how the legal system works
  • Skills to protect clients’ rights and strive for the best possible outcome

Experience has taught Mark to quickly identify client issues. Mark’s sense of fairness allows him to take only the clients he believes he can help.


“Clients come to me with their troubles and I listen. Sometimes problems can be complex and emotionally charged, especially when the issue is elder care. Many times, just talking out the problem with an objective professional is helpful to clients.” —Mark Boykin

Listening to clients is the key to Mark’s process. Calmly exploring issues builds the needed consensus to go forward. When indicated, Mark aggressively pursues litigation through the courts to final judgement.

However, Mark also recognizes that an overwhelming majority of cases (more than 90 percent) are settled out of court in California. The benefits to the client are obvious: lower legal costs, more control over specific terms in the negotiated agreement, and—since the resolution of settled cases is generally not public record—privacy.

Mark is equally prepared to use his diplomatic skills to obtain the best possible outcome for the client whether it is through the courts or at the negotiation table.


Once Mark identifies the problem, he develops a plan of action. Each step is clearly outlined. There are no surprises. The length of time the case will take, projected cost, required client involvement, are all laid out and communicated to the client.

California law has very specific requirements and procedures for estate planning, administration, conservatorship, and ERISA. Mark makes sure clients are in complete compliance so their cases can move forward as quickly as the law allows.

Personal Attention

“I answer my own phone. I respond to my own email. It’s important for my clients to know that when they need to reach me, I am here for them.” —Mark Boykin

Mark Boykin is a sole practitioner. This means clients can be sure that when Mark takes on a case, he commits to personally resolving it.

Call the Law Office of Mark Boykin at (818) 883-0871 or email him to arrange for your free initial consultation at his Woodland Hills, CA office. Mark will respond to you personally.

(818) 883-0871
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