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The Fair Fiduciary Trustee in Los Angeles County Who You Can Count On

Are you concerned about putting a family member in an uncomfortable situation by naming him or her as a trustee? Mark H. Boykin has been standing as a fiduciary trustee for his Los Angeles clients for more than 25 years, and he is available to serve this role on your behalf as well.

The purpose of a trustee is to administer and distribute the estate according to the instructions in the trust or will. In some cases, this is simply too complicated or stressful for inexperienced individuals to handle. In other cases, the trust is disputed, and the trustee is placed in an awkward position.

With his exceptional experience and solid devotion to providing fair and reasonable services to his clients, you can feel confident that your wishes as outlined in the trust will be upheld when you appoint Mark H. Boykin as the fiduciary.

What Ventura County & The San Fernando Valley Expect from Estate Fiduciary Services

When you plan your estate and prepare a trust in Ventura County or throughout the region, you will name an administrator who will manage your specified wishes after you pass away. While some people name a family member to fill this position, another idea is to use the estate fiduciary service of Mark H. Boykin.

He has been serving as an impartial third-party with estate administration and distribution for more than 25 years. With his focus on being just and fair to his clients, he will ensure that any provisions that you have established in your legal documents are carried out. As a middleman, he does not take sides and will ensure impartial application of your provisions.

Mark H. Boykin is available to tell you more about his estate fiduciary service. He personally responds to each phone call and email, so don’t delay in getting in touch. Contact the office today to request a consultation.

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