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Estate Administration California Lawyer with the Ability to Help

How can the Law Office of Mark Boykin provide estate administration skills to clients? Following is an example that is very common.

Siblings are left to manage their recently deceased parent’s California estate. Soon it becomes clear that each has different ideas about what the estate plan was designed to accomplish. Grief, unfamiliarity with the law, and different values make agreement impossible.

This situation above can be remedied with the services of a California attorney experienced in estate administration.

Los Angeles area attorney Mark Boykin has the legal know-how, combined with diplomatic skills and sensitivity, to help families needing impartial legal counsel and excellent management skills.

How Does Estate Administration Work?

An attorney acting as a private fiduciary agent for estates and trusts helps eliminate conflicts between siblings and other family members.

An impartial attorney can distribute funds and perform other requirements of an estate or trust in a businesslike manner. Unsophisticated executors or trustees may act inappropriately or irresponsibly and inspire angry litigation from other family members. The effects on a family can be devastating.

An experienced estate lawyer can handle all aspects of settling an estate or handling a trust, including:

  • Marshalling assets—digging deep if necessary to find every asset
  • Finding debts that must be paid
  • Understanding the distribution set-up in the plan
  • Taking control and moving everything through the legal system
  • Ultimately making the final distribution of assets to the heirs

Free Attorney Consultation for California Estate Administration Matters

During your free initial consultation, Mark Boykin can quickly identify issues and determine the best possible course of action for you and your family members.

Call the Law Office of Mark Boykin at 818 883-0871 to arrange for your free initial consultation at his Woodland Hills, CA office. Mark will respond to you personally.

If you prefer, you may fill out the online contact form and share your concerns with Mark now.

(818) 883-0871
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