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Your Trusted Estate Litigation Attorney in Los Angeles County

If you feel that you are not getting what you are entitled to from an estate that you have an interest in, an estate litigation attorney can help you act.

At the San Fernando Valley offices of Mark H. Boykin, we handle estate litigation and will contest litigation for individuals and families throughout Los Angeles County and Ventura County. Mark has more than thirty years of experience handling estate litigation in California' state and federal courts.

As we begin any case involving a will contest or estate dispute, we work with our clients to help them figure out their ultimate goal. These cases can cause major disputes between families. We aim to resolve them in the best way possible, keeping your long-term family and financial interests in mind every step along the way.

The Ventura County & The San Fernando Valley Probate Lawyer Standing for Your Rights

If estate litigation provides the best chance at a successful conclusion, Mark H. Boykin and his team serve as your probate lawyer. We file a petition in the probate court against the fiduciary, executor, or administrator in charge.

Filing all necessary paperwork, our estate litigation attorney will conduct a thorough discovery and negotiate with the other side in order to get all the facts and explore all options to resolve your case successfully.

When it comes time to try your case, we take care of all trial preparation, so we can be ready for the hearing in front of the judge. Arguing on your behalf, your bottom line is our first priority. In addition to a successful resolution of your estate dispute, you may also be able to recover costs.

You want to look out for the best interests of your family, and that may mean pursuing estate litigation. While our offices are located in the San Fernando Valley, we travel to meet with clients throughout LA and Ventura Counties and we will be happy to talk to you about your options in person. Call or email us today for a free initial consultation.

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